The Alien Diaries

A book collector stumbles across a series of old diaries that chronicle an alien visitation in 1781. By Glenn J. Devlin.

The Alien Diaries

The Alien Diaries Synopsis

A mysterious elderly stranger offers Colin Brayton, a bookstore owner,  the job of appraising old books at a desolate colonial plantation. While working on the books, Colin stumbles across a series of diaries written in the late 1770s by fourteen-year-old Kate Dibble that chronicle an alien visitation.

Colin attempts to navigate a delicate balance between solving the mystery of the diary and simmering tensions with the beautiful, but aloof caretaker, Madeline Prentice.  The strained relationship reaches a boiling point as a thunderstorm descends over the desolate property and prevents them from leaving. A malicious winged being emerges from the storm and demands the presence of  The Ancient One in three days. When the diary hints of a buried spaceship, Colin and Maddy must put aside their differences to find the ship for their safety, and solve the mystery of the diary that hints at who  The Ancient One is before the being seals their fate.

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This fabulous story is available at Amazon and for free with Kindle Unlimited. The link below is for Amazon US, if you’re in another country, visit the relevant Amazon site and search for The Alien Diaries.

Glenn J. Devlin biography:

Ever since he began writing at the age of 10 in the basement of his parent’s home, Glenn has been winning awards. Glenn wrote a short story in high school about talking houses that earned him first place where he won a pocket dictionary. Later he wrote a conspiracy novel about a secret formula hidden inside of Rubik’s cube. The novel went nowhere but only whetted Glenn’s appetite to write more. At Gallaudet, Glenn churned out countless short stories of horror and science fiction for the University newspaper, “The Buff and Blue.” He went on to win the Mac Dougall Creative writing competition and the Lillian Gourley Rakon Creative Writing Awards. Taking a stab at screenwriting while in college, his first script, “Wrath of the Dragon,” was a finalist at the 1988 Nissan Focus Screenplay competition sponsored by Columbia Pictures. His screenplay, “The Alien Diaries” was a finalist during Amazon’s monthly screenwriting competition.

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