Sons of Iberia, a military fiction series verging on dystopian

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My not-so-secret vice is submerging myself in a good dystopian novel. Perhaps that has influenced my own work which depicts the destruction of the tribes of Iberia; first by the Barca regime of Carthage and then more thoroughly by the Roman Republic.

The Iberians had for centuries been their own masters. Happy to trade with and allow Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians to integrate into their tribes. This changed with the arrival of Hamilcar Barca who, frustrated at the loss of Sicily to Rome in the First Punic War and greedy for Iberian silver, brought with him a mercenary army. In just a few years, Hamilcar ripped through the tribes in the south and southeast, subjugating them by force.

Fast forward to Hannibal Barca in 221 BC and his appointment as commander-in-chief of the veteran mercenary army. Hannibal immediately set about pacifying the tribes inland and to the north, plundering their settlements and forcing them to raise levies to fight in his army. This act of forcing proud Iberian warriors to fight for their conqueror resulted in a constant low-intensity conflict that periodically spilled over into large-scale rebellion.

The Romans arrived in 218BC, posing as liberators. They were nothing of the sort and for fourteen years, the people of Iberia were caught in a merciless war between the two empires.

How much more dystopian can you get? Everything you know and love, under threat by foreign powers while your own nobles collude with the oppressors.

Sons of Iberia tells the story of these people and their suffering and resistance throughout the Second Punic War and the dystopian world they found themselves in.

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J. Glenn Bauer biography:

J.Glenn Bauer (born 27 April 1969) is an English writer, best known for the Sons of Iberia historical fiction series set during the Second Punic War. His first book, Warhorn, Sons of Iberia, Book 1, was published in December 2013 and reached the top 10 in Historical Fiction and Military Fiction on Amazon in 2014. He has gone on to publish a further three books in the series and is currently working on the fifth title, due for release in 2020.

Glenn has also written a memoir about his and his wife’s move from a house in the city to live onboard a cabin cruiser on the scenic waterways of England. Offgrid Boaters, One couple’s alternative nomad life on a 25foot yoghurt pot, is due for release in 2020.

He was born in Gweru, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia at the time) and moved with his family to South Africa in 1978. After matriculating from school, he was conscripted to serve for two years in the then South African Defence Force. In the military, he trained and operated as a Combat Medic on the volatile border between Namibia (South West Africa at the time) and Angola, receiving the Pro Patria Medal in 1990.

In 2004, he emigrated to England with his wife and son and became a British citizen in 2015. Glenn is an author member of the Alli, the Alliance of Independent Authors and an associate member of the Association of Independent Authors.

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