Sebastian: The-In-Between

By Vanessa Dunn

Supernatural young adult fiction.

Sebastian: The In-Between by Vanessa Dunn

Sebastian: The In-Between synopsis

Sebastian is an outsider bullied by everyone because he is very different than us. There has always been something off about him. His best friend is his overprotective mother, Samantha. She is all the family that he has, or so he thought. At the age of 13, he witnesses a gruesome murder by a supernatural being that no one else can see, but him. That night he learns of his abilities, about what he really is, and about his mother’s lies. As his world crumbles, Sebastian’s newfound gift quickly becomes a curse, when he realizes that he can’t control his growing powers. Especially when he almost kills his mother. Now he doesn’t know who to trust, especially himself, which forces him into hiding with a stranger, who is the only one that understands him, but has an evil past of her own. Sebastian realizes that he must evolve from a shy, newly angry outcast to a fierce warrior–or die trying. As an old enemy stays close in the shadows to exterminate him, and everyone in his bloodline. Everyone that is an In-Between.

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About Vanessa Dunn

Vanessa Dunn has a true love for creating and reading stories. She especially loves the scary ones. She is an adult that has a preference for YA novels, but really just loves to read. She loves how her favourite authors are able to place words on a page, and have it play like a movie in her mind. She hopes to be able to do the same with this novel. Vanessa is originally from Boston, MA. She now lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband and three children. She prays that you all love this story as she does.

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