New Pravus

A dystopian sci-fi novel by Sahibzada Hasn Muhammad

new pravus by sahinzasa hasn muhammad

New Pravus Synopsis

In a world torn apart and left for dead by the aftermath of nuclear war. Virtus, the last surviving city of Earth, still stands undying upon the island of New Pravus.

Mikhail, who is part of a hidden settlement of survivors on New Pravus, lives without purpose as he drowns in the misery of his existence, cherished memories of his love were torn from his mind and in turn snatched away his only will to live. One night, he unexpectedly received a surreal vision instructing him to infiltrate the city of Virtus to discover his destiny.

In turn, he must fight through the conflicts of the world, while slowly slipping into insanity and facing his inner demons to discover the meaning of the message that was delivered to him.

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Sahibzada Hasn Muhammad biography:

Sahibzada Hasn Muhammad

I did my Llb from the University of London, been practising law for a while. I’ve mostly been interested in movies, books, art, hunting and video games. Started working on the book in 2012 and bit by bit finished it in 2016.

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