Empire of One by Thaine Chase
Empire of One
The first book in the WANDERING INVADER SERIES. A mixture of past and present, mythology and science fiction, and was inspired by the Lebor Gabála Érenn and old-school alien SciFi.
The Alien Diaries by Glenn J Devlin
The Alien Diaries
A mysterious elderly stranger offers Colin Brayton, a bookstore owner,  the job of appraising old books at a desolate colonial plantation. While working on the books, Colin stumbles across a series of diaries written in the late 1770s by fourteen-year-old Kate Dibble that chronicle an alien visitation.
New Pravus
New Pravus
In a world torn apart and left for dead by the aftermath of nuclear war. Virtus, the last surviving city of Earth, still stands undying upon the island of New Pravus.