Empire of One by Thaine Chase
Empire of One
The first book in the WANDERING INVADER SERIES. A mixture of past and present, mythology and science fiction, and was inspired by the Lebor Gabála Érenn and old-school alien SciFi.
Sons of Iberia series by J. Glenn Bauer
Sons of Iberia
The ongoing series that follows Caros, an Iberian champion who fights for his people’s freedom during the brutal war between Carthage and Rome.
The Shires of York The Age of Darkness
The Shires of York
The Shires of York is a six-part Fantasy Series set in Yorkshire that uses the rich history of God's Own County as a backdrop for the epic tale. The Dämonen were exiled by the Elven and the only way to achieve their aim to dominate the Shires is through the Veils which are shut. To open them requires twelve Crystals of the Veils and the dragons are their guardians and will not relinquish the crystals lightly.