New Books

Empire of One by Thaine Chase
Empire of One
The first book in the WANDERING INVADER SERIES. A mixture of past and present, mythology and science fiction, and was inspired by the Lebor Gabála Érenn and old-school alien SciFi.
I am Martin
Ari Roth, a disbarred criminal defense attorney, is among eight troubled souls who stumble onto a bus bound for Chicago. A routine overnight trip soon turns into a fight for survival when the driver diverts to a rural route to avoid an approaching storm.
The Alien Diaries by Glenn J Devlin
The Alien Diaries
A mysterious elderly stranger offers Colin Brayton, a bookstore owner,  the job of appraising old books at a desolate colonial plantation. While working on the books, Colin stumbles across a series of diaries written in the late 1770s by fourteen-year-old Kate Dibble that chronicle an alien visitation.
Children of the Shadows by C.C. Uzoh
Children of the Shadows
Children of the Shadows: Unearthing The Ritual is the first in a trilogy that explores an ancient ritual still practiced in some African countries to this day and one woman’s fight for justice and peace for the innocent child victims.
Sons of Iberia series by J. Glenn Bauer
Sons of Iberia
The ongoing series that follows Caros, an Iberian champion who fights for his people’s freedom during the brutal war between Carthage and Rome.
New Pravus
New Pravus
In a world torn apart and left for dead by the aftermath of nuclear war. Virtus, the last surviving city of Earth, still stands undying upon the island of New Pravus.
Becoming Insane by Leyla Cardena
Becoming Insane
When the monsters hiding underneath your bed are much less frightening than the bills you have to pay, the family you have to support, the job you have to find, and the unrealised dreams you cry about, then you know there’s a problem. Especially when you are a full-grown adult in your mid-thirties.
The Shires of York The Age of Darkness
The Shires of York
The Shires of York is a six-part Fantasy Series set in Yorkshire that uses the rich history of God's Own County as a backdrop for the epic tale. The Dämonen were exiled by the Elven and the only way to achieve their aim to dominate the Shires is through the Veils which are shut. To open them requires twelve Crystals of the Veils and the dragons are their guardians and will not relinquish the crystals lightly.