The Shires of York - Chapter 1 - Fantasy Book Series
1. Fend for Yourselves
1 – Fend for Yourselves “The affairs of man are not of my concern,” said Lord Alaric. “They will impact The Veils,” said the demon Albert and he sniffed. It was a habit of the High Priest and it further irritated the tetchy Alaric. “Stop sniffing,” he snapped and the air sparkled from his power.
The best books on Kindle Unlimited
Best Books on Kindle Unlimited
The books in this article are available for free to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription and having read them, I think they are great and well worth giving a go. That’s the beauty of a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, pick the books up (virtually), give them a go, and if you don’t think they’re the best books, put them down and move on.
Empire of One by Thaine Chase
Empire of One
The first book in the WANDERING INVADER SERIES. A mixture of past and present, mythology and science fiction, and was inspired by the Lebor Gabála Érenn and old-school alien SciFi.
I am Martin
Ari Roth, a disbarred criminal defense attorney, is among eight troubled souls who stumble onto a bus bound for Chicago. A routine overnight trip soon turns into a fight for survival when the driver diverts to a rural route to avoid an approaching storm.
The Alien Diaries by Glenn J Devlin
The Alien Diaries
A mysterious elderly stranger offers Colin Brayton, a bookstore owner,  the job of appraising old books at a desolate colonial plantation. While working on the books, Colin stumbles across a series of diaries written in the late 1770s by fourteen-year-old Kate Dibble that chronicle an alien visitation.
Children of the Shadows by C.C. Uzoh
Children of the Shadows
Children of the Shadows: Unearthing The Ritual is the first in a trilogy that explores an ancient ritual still practiced in some African countries to this day and one woman’s fight for justice and peace for the innocent child victims.
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